Iron and Steel Industry - Steel Zone- LD Convertor-VAD-LF/RH-CC Route

Steel  Zone
Project/Product# 1:
Monolithic (ELS) 130T Steel Ladle Management:

Route: LD Convertor - VAD - LF/RH - Slab/Bloom Caster

Customer:  Steel Melting Shop-II,
                   M/s Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai,
          (A Unit of Steel Authority of India Ltd, India)
with 50% Secondary Heats was having Ladle availability a big concerned because of :
[1] Straight Life of Slag Belt:     9.5 to 11.5 Heats
[2] With 2 Partial Slag Belt Repair & Excessive Gunning, Ladle Maturity, Ladle Life was =35 Heats
[3] % of Ladle Through was high due sever arcing in Ladle Furnace & VAD.

Principal : M/s Associated Cement Cos Limited,
                  Refractories Division,
                      Kolkatta took the challange with support of M/s INTOCAST, Germany- Working Metal Zone Castable "ACC INTOVAL T85 SP10" & ACCPISA - In-Situ Casting / infiltasion casting with Alumina Balls & Powder & Mag-C from various procurement sources (including in-house production from The Associated Cement Cos. Ltd, Katni Refractories Works, Katni) & committed 20 Heats Straight Life with ELS Lining System.


Inside Volume & Heat Size Calculation

                        Working lining               Safety Lining   
Slag Zone       Basic: Mag-C Bricks      Basic-  Chrome Mag
Metal Zone     Monolithics:                   High Alumina 70% Bricks
                        ACC Intoval T85 SP10 
Bottom Zone  Monolithics:                    High Alumina 70% Bricks +
                        Insitu Casting                  Ramming Mass

M/s Bhilai Steel Plant gave the opportunity by awarding Purchase Order for 1 Ladle (Ladle No.:12) for 220 heats (P.O.No.:01/BHI-99/85.6(068)/20003252 dtd 30 Sept 2000)

Result Achieved:

[1]  Straight Slag Belt Life:  20 Heats. against  9.5 to 11.5 heats straight life in their Ladles.
[2] Heat Size: Reducing thickness of  Side Wall of  Monolithic Metal Zone attained average Heat Size of 105-107T of Steel. against 95-97T of Steel.
[3] Production Bottle Neck: Due to reduction in no of downs/stoppage. Ladle Availability improved.

Shop was so happy with ELS Monolithic Steel Ladle's straight life & increase inside volume that they converted 3 Ladles (Ladle No.: 5,7 & 20) on the ELS Ladle Lining system (Monolithic Ladle) via 660 heats (P.O.:01/BHI-00/85.6(139)/20105049 dtd 10 Nov 2001) purchase order  & sequentially go on amending no. of Heats.

Few Monthly Performance Certificate for 3 Steel ELS Ladle:

Monthly Performance Certification

Monthly Performance Certification