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Sanjay Singh, B.E (Mech) 
ISO 9001:2008 [QMS]

The Journey started with formation of  M/s SAN ENTERPRISES  in the year 1994, primarily with the objective of offering Business Marketing Services for Indian Producers (Refractories).

The 1st contract was assigned by M/s Associated Cement Cos. Limited, Refractories Division, Kolkatta for development/stabilizing their New Refractories Products from Pilot Plant at RCD (Research Center Development) Thane, Mumbai at SAIL, M/s Bhilai Steel Plant. In the Span of One Year i.e. 1995 entire/complete responsibility of Business of M/s The Associated Cement Cos. Ltd, (Refractories Division) with M/s Bhilai Steel Plant, a unit of SAIL was trusted & awarded.

In the field of Monolithic Refractory Installation in the area of Steel Ladle, Blast Furnaces Trough and Re Heating Furnace. The entire efforts putting in application, performance monitoring and corrective action taken helped us to increase the business many folds.

M/s Bhilai Steel Plant being the premier unit of Steel Authority of India Limited [SAIL] was chosen strategically.

Based on product development inline with metallurgical requirement as well as continuous effort putting by us increased the business level from 40 lakhs in year 1994 to a level of approx. 9 crores by the year 2002

Enthused by the sterling performance, business expansion was planned with the formation of Sister Concern, M/s Imex International in the year 1998. Since then the company had been under taking dealership as well as licensing agency job, relating to refractory products produced by the Indian manufacturer. To quote some of the successful association and collaboration - M/s Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramic Limited, Ranipet and premier refractory manufacturer M/s Tata Refractories Limited, Belphar, Orissa

With the help of M/s Tata Refractories Limited and Bhilai Steel Plant, Steel Melting Shop collective, coupled with our close association with them as supplier and customer, we were able to increase low Ladle Life from average 27 to 44 heats

The effort putting in the ventures was warmly applauded both by the supplier and the customer.

Many similar projects are in hand and our team of engineers and staff are formally behind to achieve success.


Fifteen year long experience in the Refractory field starting from selection of product, installation and application in Steel, Aluminum, Cement, Sponge Iron industries etc.

Strong Technical Expertise in the field of Refractory manufacturing, application and performance monitoring for improvement and development

Strong Technical expertise in Steel manufacturing, related subjects and impact of operating parameters on critical refractory application.

A very well knit technical and commercial team for under taking jobs in line with the requirement.

Networking with SAIL units as well as other Steel producers in Country

Confidentiality is our Hallmark.

Our continuous sharing of happening and progress with the product supplier and the user customer.


Now the company has embarked on a expansion programme of not only limiting to Indian Manufacturer and SAIL/Bhilai Steel Plant but to look for Globally available Superior Consumables for Iron & Steel Sector Applications.

Few Agreements/Work Orders:

Foundry - Purchase Order  

Sponge Iron - Purchase Order 
Cement Plant - Purchase Order

M/s Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd, Ranipet, India

Dealer Division - Purchases
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